Goodbye Gratipay

I have been Gratipay's top developer for a year, but now the time has come for me to leave the team.


A few days ago Gratipay's founder decided to start banning users from the site, for reasons that are not acceptable to me.

To be clear, I don't care specifically about infinitechan and rabite (the two users being kicked out), I had never even heard of them before joining the Gratipay team, same as I hadn't heard of Shanley Kane before the so-called "Gittip crisis".

What now?

Leaving the Gratipay team is greatly diminishing my income, as I was receiving $110/week through it.

I don't plan to start a fork of Gratipay. I am currently working on French open data, then I'm not sure what I'll do. I may try to turn my idea of a new programming language (a mix of Haskell and Python, to put it simplistically) into something concrete (anyone wants to help with that?).

I will keep my Gratipay account open for now, but I am also looking for other ways to fund my work.

Edit: Gratipay has strayed even further away from the original idea of Gittip, and I've received requests for an alternative, so I'm now working on Liberapay.

Post Scriptum

Gratipay was not messing with Weev's account prior to this, the credit card of the person who was giving to him simply stopped working, which is a very common problem.

Gratipay doesn't take a cut of payments, so tweets like this are ridiculous.


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